“Empathy in Movement”

Acroyoga and authentic communication retreat

Empathy allows us to re-perceive our world in a new way and move forward.
~ Marshall B. Rosenberg


Copie de Acroyoga retreat

In this retreat, we offer an exciting mixture between different movement skills, specially focusing on AcroYoga. We’ll be based in the magical retreat center Le Jardin des Possibles, with its amazing nature and views. Everyday we’ll practice Yoga, Meditation and AcroYoga. We’ll explore the bonds between movement and communication, to look for new clues to communicate through body and words in a more truthful way. Be ready for a transformation in both body and the way you relate to others.

The retreat will be in the Pyrenees, in south of France, in the marvelous Jardin des Possibles. You will be hosted in the Gite de la Gratitude, with amazing views on the mountains. Jardin the Possibles is above the ancient village Alet les Bains, with his well known spring water, only 30 minutes from Carcassonne.


We’ll dive into creative flows putting together smart progressions with precision, fluidity of movement and creativity in different SAME SIZE flows. Be prepared to play, explore, and work on your communication skills. We’ll use our several influences and inspirations from Montreal and International school, be ready to share with authenticity and joy !

Yoga and Alignment

We will be working on different yoga postures (asanas). Theresa will guide you every morning to deepen your practice through her knowledge of alignment and anatomy. Yoga beginner or passionate practitioner, be ready to transform your practice and bring it to a new level !

Empathic Communication 

We will be exploring different communication techniques, inspired by non violent communication, talking circle, empathic listening. You will be guided through the retreat to get in connection with your deep inner self, be ready for some possible big transformation !


We will nourish the sense of team, to learn how to rise each others up, through body and words. How to create a community that is deeply bond? How to be true to yourself and the team? Be ready to celebrate, share, include, support your friends in their own transformation!



Level of movement workshops (yoga and acroyoga) will be open for advanced beginners and intermediates that want to work on setting a solid foundations and communication skills and teamwork. This shouldn’t be your first Acro experience – you should be comfortable with at least 4 Acro poses. If you are not there while reading this- you can get there. Check your local teachers and groups.

There will be time for free training and teachers are super skilled to give you cues to polish whatever you are working on.  No need to come with a partner.


Arrival is in the evening of 9th of October, and we will start with dinner. The course will end with lunch on 13th of October.

The yoga classes will be from 7 to to 8 a.m. You don’t have to come to yoga, it’s how you feel like. After breakfast AcroYoga daily practice, including communication work. After lunch, programme will change day to day, including hiking, going to the river, to hot springs. Afternoon activities are not compulsory and your remaining time will be free to explore the beautiful area or to rest. In the evening we’ll propose different activities that include singing, empathic communication, talking circles.




Theresa is certified Hatha Yoga teacher since April 2014. She discovers AcroYoga in 2012 and it’s love at first sight. She travelled all around Europe being based in multiple community projects where she used non violent communication and empathic talking techniques for multiple years for solving problems, create bonds, go further in her inner transformation. Since 2016 she lives in South of France, where she teaches weekly Hatha Yoga classes, following B.K.S.Iyengar method, and AcroYoga classes and workshops in France and around Europe. Certified AcroYoga Montreal since May 2018.


Katharinas first contact with Acroyoga was 8 years ago, since then her body changed. Her view on life changed. She found a way to heal herself outside and inside, feeling capable of doing so much more, than ever expected. This passion she wants to share with contagious enthusiasm and a smile.

She is a dedicated mover focussing on including everyone. Her mission became to let everyone experience the feeling of lightness, movement and community.

In 2016 she did the teacher training with Nina and Boris (Acrobhakti) connecting Acroyoga with music, empathy and self awareness and becoming a teacher in heart. Now teaching worldwide.

Since 2016 she is also training all over Europe with Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais from Acroyoga Montreal Style. Realising the same size work, delicate communication and creation of trust, empowerment and self confidence, creativity and playfulness is her main purpose of the practice. For that she took part in the first European Montréal Acroyoga Teacher training in Italy as photographer.




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